Unique Ps Mosaic Giraffe

  • $ 78.59

Tall and beautiful this giraffe figurine will make a statement on tabletops and countertops. In chrome silver finish, this Giraffe will be an ideal one of homes with modern interiors. Made from good quality materials it will stay in prim condition for years. The giraffe statue is standing on a flat base which helps you keep it on any surface. Keep it on the side table, wall ledge or inside a glass cabinet and it will not fail to impress close ones paying you a visit. They will marvel at it and it will compliment you for bringing it home. If you love giraffes you are sure to get carried away by the beauty of this figurine.From getting it home, you can wrap it well and gift it to close ones who would love owning it. Indeed this giraffe is one of the kinds. So, make sure you bring it home today!