Shanghai's Alluring Ceramic Dog Decor White

  • $ 111.60

  • Lovely ceramic dog measures 10.75 inches (W) x6.22 inches (D) x8.54 inches (H)
  • Made of quality ceramic
  • Polished in white color palette

Are you fanatical about dogs and wish to display your love in a materialized way? Bring home Shanghai?s alluring ceramic dog and it will do the needful. Made of high quality ceramic this dog decor will add charm to your living space. This ceramic dog is polished in white color palette that will brin peace to your abode.

You can place this alluring ceramic dog white anywhere in your abode, a place of your choice and experience the difference. You can add this to your showcase or adorn corners of your room with this fantastic ceramic dog decor. Guests and other visitors paying a visit to your place will surely appreciate you for your style sense decor. Wrap this exclusive ceramic dog decor white for your friends and other relatives. This ceramic dog decor is worth owning one.