Sassy Metal Copper Sculpture

  • $ 116.87

You can now offer a lonely corner some pattern and design by keeping this metallic sculpture. Constructed from iron, this sculpture is sturdy. It will thus stay in prim condition for ages. This sculpture features a trapezium shaped base on which are cubes interconnected forming a unique geometric form. You can place this sculpture indoors as well as outdoors. Washed in metallic copper, this sculpture will be widely admired by friends and other guests paying you a visit. Make it a part of the patio or living room, if you have a lonely end table, adorn it with this decor.As it is light in weight, you can keep changing its place according to your need and convenience. With regards to maintenance, you can wipe it with a soft cloth at frequent intervals to keep it away from dust. So, bring this home, if you admire it in every form.