Mirthful and Beautiful Set of 3 Stylized Chickens

  • $ 148.91


Chickens as d?cor items can indeed add a mirthful element. With these Stylized chickens this mirthful element is portrayed with an artistic aspect to them. Indeed these Stylized chickens which have round, plump bodies and simplified characteristics which are sure to look great in any setting. Their out of proportion bodies give them a comical touch; and this is what will be noticed by guests and everyone. Place them on a side table as a decorative item and these chickens will serve their function of garnering attention like no other d?cor item.

Also, they have been made using quality materials; this ensures that they will last in tiptop condition with only minimal maintenance of wiping them once in a while. Indeed, will be conversation starters; people will complement you for your choice. They can also make a great gift for someone dear. Indeed, the Stylized chickens are the cutest creations.