Kale and Coffee: A Renegade's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity

  • $ 24.99

""In this lighthearted, practical guide, Kevin Gianni, founder of the popular blog and YouTube show Renegade Health, which has garnered more than 10 million views to date, takes readers on an exciting adventure to help them uncover the true rules of health--which are not necessarily what you expect. Kevin's journey began when he and his wife bought a used bio-diesel-powered RV (which they christened ""The Kale Whale"") and hit the road. For more than two and a half years they traveled around the US and Canada talking to health experts and regular folks alike to find out what was working and what wasn't when it came to living a healthy life. They drank green juice. They did wheatgrass shots. They gave up sugar. They said good-bye to coffee. In short, they used themselves as guinea pigs. Unfortunately, though, as Kevin experimented with all kinds of ""healthy"" diets--vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, and so on--he got sicker and sicker. After an intense raw food diet, his health had actually deteriorated somuch that he decided to step away from healthy eating altogether. Although his hiatus from wellness didn't help him feel better, it did inspire him to go on another fact-finding mission in order to figure out what went wrong. In Kale and Coffee, Kevin shares what he learned--both during and after their Kale Whale road trip. Packed with research--and some humor for good measure--Kevin empowers readers to create a diet and lifestyle that work for them. He helps unravel confusion about current health claims, and at the end of each chapter, he presents two paths to success: the first contains easy-to-implement changes if you simply want to upgrade your routine and the second, more renegade and difficult, helps if you feel it's time to completely revamp yourlife. With these choices readers can pick how far they want to go. For example, in addressing an overabundance of heavy metals, the easy route suggests making one or two of seven proposed changes, including buy a water filter, use natural cleaning products, and limit your use of plastic, or in the renegade route, readers can make all seven changes and get their hair and food or cleaning products tested for heavy metals. At the end of the book, Kevin brings everything together into a 21-day jumpstart, so readers can get moving on their own unique path to health. With compassion and wit, Kale and Coffee teaches readers how to disregard the health hype, diet fads, and weight-loss promises that are thrown around every day, so they can find what truly makes them feel good""--