Ceramic Meditating Buddha in Dhyana Mudra - Yellow Green

  • $ 95.90

Buddha figurine brings home the sense of comfort which everyone is deemed off. If you too wish the same tranquility for your interiors get this meditation Buddha figurine right away. This Buddha figurine is called as Meditating Buddha in Dhyana Mudra position. This figurine is ceramic crafted dyes in yellow green hues and has glossy finish to it. In this Mudra the seated Buddha is seen with hands placed on his lap right hand over left palms facing upward and fingers stretched in a relaxed pose. The right hand signifies enlightenment while the left is the deceptive nature of existence.With this statue you can achieve the serenity which you been wanting for your ambiance. This Dhyana Mudra positioned Buddha would be great addition to your study living room or garden area. You can also consider gifting this statue to your near and dear ones as a present.