2Pcs Comfortable Pillow Sheet Lovely Pillow Towels

  • $ 31.43

Ships from Hong Kong. This Lovely pillow towel is made of cotton & gauze. It can provent your pillow from stains and keep it clean. You just have to put it flat on the pillow. It is easily washed. When you go out on a trip, you can bring this pillow cover sheet with you and put it on the pillow that is offered by the hotel. Beside its useful function, it is also a wonderful decoration of your bed. Please note: It is not a pillow bag. It is a pillow towel. Approximate size53*78cm(20.87''*30.71''). Please note: May be 2-3cm(0.79''-1.18'') measurement deviation. Material: cotton, gauze. 2pcs per set. It is not a pillow bag. It is a pillow towel, which can only be placed flat on the pillow. Provent your pillow from getting dirty and keep it clean.