Ceramic Meditating Buddha in Abhaya Mudra - Grey

  • $ 93.29

If you wish to bring home a meditating Buddha figurine you need to know its meaning. If you have liked this particular meditating Buddha figurine then here are a few things which make this Buddha figurine special. This Abhaya Mudra Buddha figurine is the gesture of protection and assurance. The message which this Mudra indicates is ?My Devotee! Fear Not! I am here to protect you! We all have some fear inside; this Buddha figurine adorned at home will lessen that fear and will protect you. If there are kids at home they usually have different types of fear. Keep this figurine in their room and it will surely help them and make a difference.This Abhaya Mudra Buddha figurine can be adorned in the living room bedroom or study. This Buddha figurine as a gift will be a unique present. Not just indoors adorn this figurine in your office interiors as well.