22137 Ceramic Elephant Statue Black - Black

  • $ 79.20

You can see different elephant figurine adorned at various homes. If you wish to add elephant figurine to your home check out what we have for you. Looking majestic this is a ceramic elephant statue in black hue. The shiny finish of this elephant offers it lustrous appeal. This elephant statue is quite elite featuring a square base with long leg elephant standing on it. This cute miniature elephant can be part of home as well as office decor. The work and efforts put in to craft this elephant figurine is worth complimentary. You can embellish this elephant figurine on center table side table or wall rack. Owing to its good qualities people like adorning their interiors with elephant figurines. And if your friend or relative have same belief you can indeed gift them with this elephant figurine. They will love it and treasure this gift of yours.